The Guarantee

Just recently we purchased some kitchen appliances and yesterday I spent most of the morning contacting each manufacturer to register and validate the guarantee, confirming the date of purchase and supplier. It struck me how very different their guarantees were. Some were much more generous than others. One was the promise to replace free any faulty parts, but only during the first year, and in addition I discovered a hidden cost, the charge for the workman doing the repair would not be included. Another one was a promise of free replacement parts for up to five years and the work would be done free in the first two years. Some covered accidental damage, but most didn’t. I even had one guarantee in the past that was for the whole life of the purchase and seemed to cover every circumstance.

As I contemplated these different guarantees, it occurred to me that the more generous ones reflected the manufacturers greater confidence in their product and their skill to maintain the product in full working order. It seemed to say, ‘We believe in our product and want it to keep working as it should, so you will be able to delight in it. To achieve this, we will make sure it works well and promise to cover any cost and inconvenience to you should there be any problems.’

It made me think of this verse of Scripture today which uses the word guarantee concerning the giving of the Holy Spirit, although sometimes the Greek word is translated as a ‘deposit’ or a ‘first instalment’. Certainly, the Holy Spirit comforting us and inspiring us, gives a little taste of how it will be when we are with our Saviour in heaven. In this way He is clearly a first instalment of the glory to come. But is there any sense in which this verse means a guarantee like my those for my appliances?

As I contemplated this, I realised that the Holy Spirit is indeed the promise from the ‘Manufacturer’. He is the one through whom we can claim help when the product (that which God has made, namely me) isn’t functioning as it should and needs repair. (I need to add here that this damage, in our case, is always caused by misuse, by us or others, and never by faulty manufacture). But, what is even better is that this wide ranging guarantee is valid for our whole life. There is no time limit. The costs are fully covered. There are no hidden charges. The work, and whatever is needed for restoration back to ‘functioning as the Maker intended’, is freely available and will be undertaken personally by the ‘Manufacturer’. What an amazing guarantee! It covers every eventuality and every situation. This is definitely a guarantee worth having.

Prayer: Our wonderful Father God, thank You that You have promised us Your freely available gift of restoration from any damage which affects our ability to fully function as we were made to do. We are so grateful that You sent us Your Holy Spirit to be Your guarantee to us and the means through whom we can claim the help we need to be restored to ‘ as the Maker intended’. We are so grateful. Amen.

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… who has placed his mark of ownership upon us, and who has given us the Holy Spirit in our hearts as the guarantee of all that he has in store for us.
2 Corinthians 1:22, GNB


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