A Pearl of Great Price

I was reading Peter Horrobin’s amazing book, called ‘Strands of destiny’, when I came across an incident that occurred when Peter was twelve years old. He was walking past a second-hand book store and noticed a selection of old books for sale at a bargain price. After perusing the old books, Peter noticed an old, worn book, which was dated 1644. He’d never touched such an old book before, so he bought it for sixpence and took it home. Later Peter discovered it was an important book by Martin Luther! To him the book was of priceless significance.

Looking back in Peter’s history, we can see that he’d been taught by his family the value of books, and of course the value of education. How fortunate for him to be able to recognise that which became a ‘pearl of great price’ in his collection of books. How sad it is today that many of us would have just walked past the bookstore and not noticed a ‘pearl’ waiting for a discerning person to purchase it, for only a sixpence!

It’s almost as if the ‘pearls of great price’ all over the world are calling out to us to purchase them, in order to bless us. Maybe you didn’t have a family who put great value on reading, but we know from experience that we can discover priceless stories about the love God has for us in the Bible.

The truth is, and I find this very encouraging, that it’s never too late to examine the ‘pearls’ God has waiting for us in His Word. What amazes me is that we’re also never too old to experience the love of God. It’s a fact that He’s a patient God, understanding our weaknesses, and forever forgiving when we come to Him, the God of the second chance and the God of new beginnings for anyone who asks Him.

Prayer: Lord, I might have walked past many opportunities to come to You. Help me to understand that You’ll give me another chance to reach out and experience the blessings You have in wait for me. Amen.

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" …when he had found one pearl of great price, went and sold all that he had, and bought it."
Matthew 13:46, KJV


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