What a statement for a woman to make to her whole town – to the people who knew her and her background. But she’d come face to face with Jesus, and that made all the difference. She’d come face to face with true love, not use and abuse, pure love, not lust. His love was forgiving love, unending love, love that covered her and set her free – free to be the person God had originally meant her to be – valuable and precious. Now she was a person of influence – a person who could lift her head high – no longer under a yoke of guilt and shame.

She hadn’t experienced that kind of love before. Now all the shame, abuse, guilt and dishonour were gone. She could face the people of the town and be the channel God could use to introduce the whole town to Jesus. She could be the instrument which resulted in Him staying for two more days and many more becoming believers. In our eyes she was the most unlikely candidate, but in God’s eyes she was a broken but valuable vessel, now restored and available to be used in His Kingdom for honour and blessing.

God sees our hearts – the mistrust, hurt, and pain and there’s nothing we’ve done, nothing we’ve experienced that He doesn’t know about. Yet He still loves us. He’s approachable. We’re always welcome in His presence. Come to Him, and allow Him to bring restoration to your broken heart. Exchange your guilt and shame for His freedom, your sadness for His joy, your death and depression for His new life. Receive acceptance, security, love and peace to replace your rejection, insecurity and fear. God loves you and is completely trustworthy. The safest place to be is - close to His heart.

Prayer: Thank You, Lord, that Your love is so amazing. Your love is approachable, no matter what I’ve done. Today I open my heart to receive that love. I allow You to complete the work You began in my life, so I can be the vessel of honour that you ordained me to be, before the foundation of the world. Amen.


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" Come, see a man who told me everything I ever did"
John 4:29, NIV


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Lindsay O’Reilly

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